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There is a deep tide of news around the world. Every moment new phenomena are arising, both in India and abroad. Like the definition of news, the North, East, West and South are continually generating all kinds of news. Some are shocking while some others create anxiety. Others are interesting and amusing. There is much more to news than just accidents, violence and politics.

Beyond the wars of politics, News also has a soft and smiling face, which includes financial movements, successful business ventures, new products, growth oriented investment options, bullish and bearish trends in the stock market etc. Many aspire to read this kind of news, especially in their mother tongues. This is where we come in.

Those in search of such kind of news now no longer need to wander through newsstands or bookshops in search of the same, as this is now being made available at your fingertips. Just click on to www.businessonlive.com

We undertake the task of providing independent business and economic news to Keralites across the globe. Moments and movements in the Indian corporate world, interviews, business features etc are all available at a click on www.businessonlive.com

A team of well experienced journalists behind this innovative venture. The Cochin based Pearl Media  proudly presents the web portal www.businessonlive.com to discerning Keralites all over the world.